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ЗАО Primum News

Primum News was established in 2014 to provide dedicated wire service with high quality news & analytical content. Content that is precise, timely and tradable.

Our newswire is primarily aimed at financial institutions with professional clientele base which may include traders, fund managers and financial market professionals. This group requires real-time news flow to grasp the ‘big picture’ of global macroeconomic, financial and geopolitical situation before making a trade decision. Profitability and frequency of their trading is proportionately tied to the quality and timeliness of the information they get.

We are fully equipped to meet the high expectations set by this professional and non-compromising clientele. Primum News coverage facilitate them to make a right trading decisions…. again and again.

Anyone trading in macroeconomic asset classes, i.e. Forex, treasuries, interest rate futures, commodities, equity indices and CFDs could benefit tremendously by Primum News services.

Editorial team at Primum comprises experienced editors, journalists and news analysts with vast experience  in covering global economy and financial market. Members of this compact team have worked with some of the finest global media organizations and adhere to the strictest principles of journalism. Customers are guaranteed of best quality content with unmatched professionalism .

Business Model
From inception time, Primum News is ‘subscription only’, ‘No advertisement’ portal with no affiliation to any financial or commercial organization in any manner whatsoever. We feel that its not just ethical, but utmost important for unbiased, honest and professional news coverage without any conflict of interest.

At the moment, newswire is offered to only institutional clients with very attractive and flexible subscription plans.

Our ultra low latency,web based news platform does not involve any major technical deployment on the client’s side. Yet, privacy of each of your client is 100 pct ensured. They get full access to browser based intuitive news service at “Any time, Anywhere, Any Platform”

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